- Pencil dice red - Pencil Dice – it’s a pencil and a die

Ever just find yourself in need a six-sided ? I know I do because life is weird and sometimes you just have to leave things to chance. Make sure you always have one and something to write with the Pencil Dice, the number two pencils with a dice bottom.

They’re not really dice on the bottom, well they are but they’re not cubes. The sides are printed with rows of dots, 1-6. Just roll or drop the as you would a die to get your outcome. Can you play craps with this? Yes? But I don’t think it would have the same effect.

- Pencil Dice - Pencil Dice – it’s a pencil and a die

Of course, if you sharpen it too much then the dice part is going to disappear but really who uses a pencil that much? These do not have erasers and to be honest, even though they can be used as actual pencils, they’re more for novelty’s sake than actual usage. You can get one in white for £2.50 each.

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