- hotstuff petcube bites lead - Petcube Bites is the treat-throwing deity your dog has been dreaming of

We’re talking about the here. You know what those guys are like…

Yeah, they can get a bit carried away. That’s why you can control and limit the number of treats given per day, just like you can set the times that the camera goes ‘public’. There’s also a 2-way microphone, so I can tell Bailey to stop chewing my PS4 controller, and he can tell me to stop leaving things around that look like bones. It’s a bit like The Truman Show for pets, only they’re at home rather than marooned on Seahaven island…

I think you might be missing the point of owning a

Nah, it’s the harsh reality of Bailey’s life, relived every day, that I must leave him every morning for a reason that sounds excitingly like ‘walk’. The is there to fill that gap. It watches over your furry midget too, sending alerts to your phone when it recognises unusual sound or motion, and recording clips if you sign up for the US$10 p/month Care service. Cats will like it too, particularly if you pair it with the Play and its laser toy. And when your other half’s lying on the sofa hungover, you can use it to drip feed them Jolly Ranchers and paracetamol. Everyone wins. The only downer is that we’re going to have to wait until September 2017 for our US$249 gadget treat to arrive.

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