Matthew Setter has a new post to his sharing some of his experiences and interactions with Symfony 4 and it’s community as someone new to the framework and .

Recently, I decided to learn the basics of the Symfony (4) framework, so that I could better one of my client’s applications, and provide better support to it. I never expected to use such a well-rounded framework. Nor did I expect to encounter such an engaged and supportive community. Here’s the story.

He starts off describing some of his reasoning behind looking into Symfony, the fact that a project at his work makes use of the framework. He then talks about getting started with v4 of the framework by reading the documentation, creating a core application and overcoming some of the common first-timer issues. He covers the use of templates, routing with annotations and using the bin/console to handle code generation. The post ends with some of his experiences with the community and their interaction with a tweet of his showing his appreciation for the framework.

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