Practically every portable device these days has a rechargeable battery that you off with via . If you’re lucky, your came with a USB . But, there are two major problems with that: your quickly becomes cluttered with single-port USB chargers, and those chargers are lowest-bidder commodity electronics that just barely get the job done — if you’re being charitable. Pirl Charger is different, because it has been designed for quality, not cost.

The problem with dollar store-style USB chargers is that the manufacturers use the cheapest components and simplest circuits possible. The only real quality control is whether they make your device say “charging” or not. The result is slow charging at best, and a fire waiting to happen at worst. Charger solves both problems by pumping a lot of power through well-designed circuits.

It can simultaneously provide up to 2.7 amps on each of the four 5V USB ports, which is more than even the most power-hungry iPad needs. It automatically detects how much current each device can handle, and delivers as much as possible for fast charging times. The case is rugged, and there are indicators for which ports are active, and a readout for the total wattage being used. And, it has built-in protection for the kinds of electrical faults that can damage your devices or potentially start fires.

Pirl Charger has already exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter, and the campaign is running until July 12th. A complete kit with the charger, a power supply, and a gel pad will cost you $75. Rewards should ship in October.

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