It is hard to believe that this year’s Startupbootcamp InsurTech programme is coming to an end. Demo day, which at the start of the programme back in January seemed like a distant speck on the horizon, is now a matter of weeks away. The start-ups are focusing on their pitches, refining them daily and improving the content, narrative and delivery. It’s an exciting if somewhat manic to be involved in the accelerator.

To help the start-ups prepare for their big day, we hosted a session at our More London offices where the start-ups had the opportunity to to a large crowd of PwC staff from across the business. The room was packed – just a further indication of the level of interest in InsurTech – and the start-ups performed admirably. Some pitching experts from our proposals team ran a session afterwards to provide feedback and helpful guidance.

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It was all good practice and useful feedback. Perfecting a pitch really does take a lot of time, effort and experimentation. Ultimately the more you practice, the more comfortable you will be come demo day. And this year demo day is being held at Indigo at the O2. It’s an impressive venue that holds 850 people and is set to be completely sold out – all the more reason to nail those pitches!

Demo day will not only be testament to the hard work of the start-ups and everyone at Startupbootcamp but to the meteoric rise of InsurTech. Not long ago the phrase didn’t even exist but now mention of it can fill large venues.

Both Startupbootcamp’s demo day and the ‘Pitch at PwC’ event point to an exciting future for InsurTech and perhaps to the fact that the first battle is over: hearts and minds have been won. Now it is time for InsurTech to focus on having a and significant impact, at scale. It’s an incredibly exciting time.

But before I get ahead of myself, there’s still more work to do for demo day. See you there!

Register for your demo day ticket here.

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