Pitney Bowes and Arrow Electronics team up for public sector IoT play - xiStock 184598334 - Pitney Bowes and Arrow Electronics team up for public sector IoT play

At a  when public sector authorities globally are facing challenges to make smarter infrastructure, Pitney Bowes and Arrow Electronics have teamed up to help them in the task with the help of Internet of Things ().

As part of an agreement signed by the two companies, they will help public authorities in gathering, processing and analysing collected through IoT devices to enhance physical infrastructure efficiencies.

The collaboration will introduce to the market a new solution that will help Pitney’s Confirm Intelligent Infrastructure solution and the Arrow Connect platform to promptly, efficiently and securely process and analyse IoT-generated data collected via Arrow’s broad spectrum of infrastructure sensors. In addition, the collaboration will help organisations in connecting their traffic-flow monitoring systems into the Arrow Connect platform to expose issues or abnormalities related to traffic speed.

Mark Taylor, SVP of channels at Pitney Bowes, said: “Arrow’s IoT capability spans design, build and device management across purpose-built IoT solutions and employs some of the best engineers in the world for technologies. This collaboration with Arrow allows Pitney Bowes to offer a more robust, IoT- infrastructure management solution on a global scale.”

Aiden Mitchell, VP of global IoT solutions at Arrow Electronics, said: “The Pitney Bowes Confirm Intelligent Infrastructure Management solution already services 45% of the UK road network and 140 million citizens worldwide. Pitney Bowes has a proven track record in Infrastructure Management and our partnership will bring scale to their ability to collect and process IoT data and turn it into insight. Our alliance will create a pathway for our clients to create a truly smarter world to live in.”

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