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The summertime is on the way and everyone is busy in planning for their vacation whether it is just on beach, trekking or a road trip to an unknown destination. No matter where they decide to spend their summer days, but all they need to take transport to go there.

As most of the don’t prefer to drive a car for such long routes when they are going on holidays. In this case, what are doing is hiring a taxi using taxi booking apps, but it might be a highly expensive option that costs heavily on the budget. Therefore, it would be a great option for to travel through rideshare services, where riders will share the ride with other and divide the cost.

In this service, the rider will book a ride, choosing the destination and share the ride with other riders, who are going to the same destination.  Such ride-sharing or carpooling services are offered by various taxi service giants like Uber, Lyft, BlaBlaCar and many other transportation companies. These services are extremely popular among travellers and young people, who travel often to different destinations.

With enormous travel alternatives by new technology and business models, individuals have even number of choices. Today, the convenience of using carpooling apps from smartphones, sharing a ride with other riders and splitting the cost has helped a lot of people to propel ride-sharing to the forefront of the sharing economy.

According to PwC report, transportation is being one of the largest sectors, and it is estimated that the sector will generate global revenues of $3 billion by 025; therefore, transportation is considered as the most promising sectors for investment opportunities. Taking the benefits of new trends, taxi service providers can come-up with new carpooling apps, bringing together office goers and commuters to share their rides.

car-poling-apps  - car poling apps1 - Planning to Build Carpooling App Like Uber & Lyft? The First Post to Checkout

However, in the below-given graph, you can see that the search term for carpooling apps is growing constantly from past several months. Every single , the demand for ride-sharing apps like UberPool, BlaBlaCar and Lyft is rising and allowing people to save their time and money.

If you have also made-up your mind to create a carpooling app like Uber and Lyft, you can go through below-mentioned features that can increase the success rate of your carpooling app:

#1. An Easy Way For Riders to Search for the Ride

People always prefer to use those applications that are easy, time-saving and takes fewer efforts to access. Therefore, one of the main features of carpooling app is allowing riders to search for their preferred rides effortlessly. It is essential that your riders do not face any hassle while searching for the rider where they want to go.

easy-carpooling-booking  - easy carpooling booking - Planning to Build Carpooling App Like Uber & Lyft? The First Post to Checkout

No matter whether they prefer to go on any tourist destination, home-to-office or any other place, it must be easy for them to enter the details and find a ride that they can share with other riders, who are going to the place.

#2. Allow People to Choose With Whom They Want to Travel

Another important feature that can make a carpooling app stand out is the preference of other riders with whom they can travel. As everyone is different and have their own choice, so it would be a good option to allow riders to choose with whom they want to travel. Allow them to add their preferences while booking for a ride like by gender, age, and any other preferences.

choose-rider-carpool-app  - choose rider carpool app - Planning to Build Carpooling App Like Uber & Lyft? The First Post to Checkout

In case, if you are targeting tourist places that mean long-routes, then you can give your riders some additional preferences like hobbies, interests, etc. so that they do not get bored while riding. By choosing hobbies and interest, they can find another rider, who has the same interest as them and can travel long routes together. Apart from this, you can share profile information of riders with each other so that they can find more comfort in travelling with strangers.

#3. Allow Riders to Create Groups

Now, it is something that can really excite your app users. You can allow your app users to create a group of people with whom they often travel on the same route. By creating a group of people with whom they are familiar whether it be intercity travel or daily ride to their home-to-office, they can enjoy their daily rides.

create-group-carpooling-app  - group carpooling app - Planning to Build Carpooling App Like Uber & Lyft? The First Post to Checkout

They can be with their friends, colleagues, neighbours and relatives while riding. In fact, you can always allow them to share their preferences about the people they travel with by being a part of groups.

#4. Suggesting Rides Based on Users’ History

No one likes to enter the same information again and again, so your users hate it too. If the rider is using your ride-sharing app on daily basis and he has to enter the address repeatedly, it can irritate your users to type long addresses of places they travel often like home or office. Therefore, it would be a great option to suggest rides based on users’ history.

With the special algorithm, you can provide your users rides based on his or her commuting history. It will be convenient for your users who often go to the same place. So, including this feature in the rideshare app is totally worth for riders.

#5. Chat Option

Another essential feature that can be considered while creating a carpooling app is chat or direct message option so that driver and passengers can communicate easily about the place.

in-app-chat-carpooling-app  - in app chat carpooling app 591x1024 - Planning to Build Carpooling App Like Uber & Lyft? The First Post to Checkout

They can add their contact information for making their communication easier through chat messenger. Rather than calling each other again and again, they can communicate through chat messenger that is more convenient.

#6. Rating & Reviews

Being an owner of carpooling or ride-sharing app, you must always be open to suggestions, reviews and feedback from your customers, who use your app on daily basis. By their suggestions and reviews, you can keep improving your ride-sharing app with more features, functionalities and services that facilitate your app users.

ratings-reviews  - ratings reviews - Planning to Build Carpooling App Like Uber & Lyft? The First Post to Checkout

Moreover, feedbacks and reviews help other riders to know about your app and its features. It can also help them to choose a driver by their ratings and reviews as you can also allow users to rank drivers according to their behaviour and service.

So, these are some of the most common carpooling apps that you can consider while creating a ride-sharing app. However, apart from these above-mentioned features, the ride-share market is vast and there are enormous other features like Emergency button in the app, driver & rider identity verification and search option that can be included in the app.

No matter whether you have planned to create a carpool app or already have one, you can customize it from app development company that proffers Uber clone app development services.

How Do We Customized Carpooling App Service to Meet Our Client’s Taxi Business Needs?

According to one of our clients’ requirements, we have given a new definition of carpooling app service. To match our clients’ business service, we customized carpooling app service, where the only driver can decide the route and pick-up only those passengers that are going the same way he goes. Then, the riders will split the cost accordingly.

In this service, the driver will not serve its passengers with on-demand services as he is the one, who decides the route and gets only those requests, through carpool app, that come for the same destination where he is going. Our client wanted to open carpooling service for all the people, who want to save on fuel cost while travelling to home-to-office, tourist place or any other destination.

Apart from this, we can also customize carpool apps according to your business requirements so that you can deliver your customers an utmost level of services. In case, if you have any query or questions in mind like:

  • How should I validate my carpool app idea with any mobile app development company?
  • What type of other features and functionalities can be included in carpooling app?
  • How much does it cost to develop a carpooling app like Uber and Lyft?

To get answers to such questions or queries, you can consult us directly from the below-given form. The consultation won’t cost a single penny. Our business will get back to you and offer you a complete proposed solution.




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