With today’s , hydrofoil yachts are nothing new. Luxury has a retractable hydrofoil system so it will look much like any other watercraft plying the . It looks like an extravagant that you can park on the marina.

- Foiler Luxury Yacht 3 - Ply Above the Ocean with the Foiler Luxury Yacht

The Foiler Luxury Yacht also has strap-like bars located near the front. It serves as a front hydrofoil when not in use. The hydrofoils have 4 parts – 2 smaller parts in the rear and 2 larger parts in the front. When in use, these hydrofoils raise the yacht about 5 feet over the water surface. Likewise, the hydrofoil allows sharp speed and reactivity.

This luxury yacht is driven by a hybrid system consisting of dual 320 HP BMW engines that give off power to 2 generators. It converts the energy generated to electric before moving it to the custom-made electric powered torpedo engines. The Foiler Luxury Yacht can cruise at 30 knots and achieve a speed of 40 knots. Hence, you will surely have a fun time feeling the breeze while admiring the open seas.

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The minds behind this sleek and powerful yacht included an option to operate the boat using the available electric-powered torpedo. The Foiler’s construction is strictly carbon-fiber for a futuristic and sleek appearance. The dimensions are 24 feet for the wingspan, 32 feet for its length and 12 feet for its height.

When running at 20 knots, the Foiler has a maximum range of 260 nautical miles which is distinctly significant since other yachts have a maximum range of 120 nautical miles at 30-knot cruising speed.

The Foiler Luxury Yacht can accommodate 5-8 passengers, the driver. Although you can’t have large parties on the yacht, it is still the perfect luxury watercraft for groups searching for some time to relax and enjoy the sea.

As of now, there’s no price listing available for this luxury yacht.

- Foiler Luxury Yacht 2 - Ply Above the Ocean with the Foiler Luxury Yacht


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