About a year ago I released an on the playstore, this contains more than 300 vector image (which I redesigned from the original ones), I have inserted them through “Vector assets” and I do not have any copyright problems, now I wanted to increase the speed of my by inserting all those vectorial images in , My doubt and therefore my questions are:
– how does the that controls the images behave?
– Do google bots also draw svg images from and check them or just check the png/jpg ones?
– It is safe to convert all my vectorial images to PNG Or maybe I risk bots reporting my images (which were not previously reported) and so eventually suspended my app?

If it’s totally safe to convert my xml file to png (i.e. google bot apply the same checking process of xml images to png images), What do you suggest to do to reduce the application assets size?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English

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