Norway, a universal ledger to record metadata and ownership information for digital , announced its Frost API. The API is designed to simplify the registration of creators17; work. With a simple registration process, the broader aim of the API is to streamline the distribution process, a roadblock to success for many creatives., short for Proof of Existence, is a block-chain platform that helps creatives and content owners manage ownership and the licensing of digital assets. The platform is open source and one of the first non-finance applications of block-chain. Similar to financial applications, uses a universal ledger to provide immutable, distributed record for creative works.

The Frost API allows to utilize’s decentralized network without needing to run a full node. Instead, can the network through username and password. The Frost API will allow more users to participate in the project. To learn more, check out the developer site., like many creatives, finds the current media landscape burdened with manual, fragmented processes. By applying block-chain technology to the ownership and distribution process, hopes to end the manual processes. API access to the block-chain network will only help extend and accelerate’s reach and influence.

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