- ikealights - Podcast: Amazon’s Alexa Blueprints, home robots and more – Stacey on IoT
The IKEA Tradfri lights have expanded to include colors and wall-mounted flat lights.

This week’s show finds me in Sweden pondering Alexa Blueprints, the Amazon Echo for kids and Amazon’s smart robot plans. Kevin and I talked about all of that, before showcasing new research for IoT out of Carnegie Mellon, the University of Washington, and Princeton. Two senators proposed a social media data sharing law that appears to ignore the IoT, Comcast reported growth in home automation subscribers, a few got new features, and there’s a new version of a popular IoT chip that can handle mesh Wi-Fi. Kevin changes his smart home platform and we advise someone on a kitchen renovation. Our guests this week are from IKEA with Rebecca Töreman, who heads up the IKEA Tradfri products and Lena Pripp-Kovac, Sustainability Manager IKEA of Sweden. They offer valuable tips on how to design products with sustainability in mind. Enjoy the show.


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