- MVIMG 20180920 121510 1 e1538057174247 - Podcast: Amazon’s news bonanza explained – Stacey on IoT
Amazon launched a $60 Microwave with Alexa inside as well as a $25 smart plug. Image courtesy of S. Higginbotham.

Last week Amazon released a ridiculous amount of that we’ve covered in detail, but Kevin and I talk it out and draw attention to some of the things we thought were relevant. We stay in the Seattle area to cover the Microsoft news out this week on new Azure productsand Cortana’s new enterprise skills. We also talk about the new Withings watchAugust’s module for Yale locks, and HomeKit support for Rachio sprinklers. Our hotline question this week is a listener’s with kids and his freezer. This week’s guest is Raiford Smith, who joins us from Entergy to discuss his company’s digital transformation. He walks listeners through the process of creating a group to handle the technical demands of building products around and analytics, and then talks about how to communicate with vendors and business units. It’s a detailed look at this utility’s two-year process to get a grip on the potential inherent in the internet of things. Enjoy.


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