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Adobe surveyed 1,000 consumers about smart speakers.

A lot of people are getting a smart speaker for the holidays. That’s one of the takeaways from a recent survey by Adobe that Kevin and I talk about this week. We follow that up with the new Sonos integration with IFTTT before covering a $6.7 billion semiconductor merger. Also on the chip side, we discuss Qualcomm’s new chip for smart watches and why I think it’s worth noting. On the side, we cover a new security chip for Google core, more botnets and a new security bill that awaits the signature of California’s governor. We cover IKEA’s possible smart blinds and talk about my experience with the new Brilliant switch. We end the segment of the show answering a question about programming lights to change color in response to the weather. Our guest this week is Ann Bosche, a partner with Bain & Company. She discusses how IoT will become a $5 billion by 21 and which companies will get a piece of that pie. She also explains how vendors need to step up if we want to see more IoT pilots become integral parts of a business.  Enjoy the show.


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