On this week’s of Things , interviews Cloudflare CEO Matthew , discussing a version of the internet that is cheaper, distributed and not beholden to Google, Amazon and Facebook. Stacey and Matthew also discuss Cloudflare’s Workers edge computing platform, cheaper bandwidth and more.

Also this week:

  • The Wi-Fi Alliance’s new branding for the wireless standard and why you don’t need to rush to buy Wi-Fi 6 gear.
  • Iridium and Amazon’s decision to create an network that uses satellites to deliver signals around the world where cellular doesn’t reach.
  • California passed an IoT law
  • Kevin talks about his high hopes for bringing IBM’s Watson into his home setup.
  • We ask why we’re not using NFC on door locks, talk about a thermostat acquisition, GE’s woes and Kevin shares his ideas for what else you can do with motion sensors.
  • This week’s listener question involves a keg, a freezer and a request for electricity monitoring.

Have a listen:

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