- Fitbit Charge 3 Lifestyle Downtown Business Attire 10367 e1535042965161 - Podcast: Facebook’s smart speaker and a new security startup – Stacey on IoT
This is how I picture myself in the FitBit Charge 3. Not stuck behind my computer screen. Image courtesy of Fitbit.

This week’s show kicks off with Kevin and I trying to figure out Facebook’s voice ambitions. We then explain how Google is using IoT data and AI to shave 40% in energy use in its data centers. This is the future. From there we talk about that future’s side with a survey on consumer fears, a exploit of Wemo devices and an attack that could waste a lot of water. We then discuss news bits such as C3 working with Google Cloud, using Wi-Fi for airport security, my thoughts on the new FitBit Charge 3, the acquisition of the maker of the Vera huband the acquisition of CE Pro. We also answer a question about when your kids come in and out of the home.  Our guest this week is Tyler Baker, the CTO of, a company created to provide continued security for devices. Baker explains why exists, how it works and the company’s attempts to become the Red Hat of IoT security software.  Enjoy.


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