- 105522414 1540254633725focals interface 01a - Podcast: It’s time to take privacy seriously – Stacey on IoT
The new Focals glasses cost $999 and have limited functionality. Image by North.

We’re nearing the end of 2018, which is as good a as any to relaunch the smart glasses concept. We discuss the new new Focals glasses, tie them in with Qualcomm’s new chips for Alexa-based ear buds and then tackle the Google Home Hub. From there we cover Amazon’s face recognition software, Tim Cook’s statements on and use GM and Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs as a case study to explain why privacy is so important. After that, we talk about a new device to detect falls, a resource article for those dealing with domestic violence in smart homes and a new chip company using a novel form of energy harvesting. We conclude the news segment by answering a listener question about issues with Apple’s iOS update making it difficult for some IoT devices.  Our guest this week is Hugo Fiennes, the CEO of Electric Imp, who shares how a product made by a company that no longer exists can still operate and get updates.  We also talk about the rush of new IoT platforms that have cellular connectivity and why they are so popular now. We end with a fun workplace IoT project involving Slack, some code and connected speakers. Enjoy the show.


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