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has announced an insta-print camera, the 2-in-1, and a standalone printer. Both will be available at Argos from October.

This isn’t quite the kitschy Polaroid camera design we know and love, though. The Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 has a much slimmer, “upright” shape you hold more like a phone than a photographic relic from the past.

You don’t have to take selfies with the thing. There is a viewfinder. But a little reflective ring on the front lets you check your pout is in the frame if selfies are your game.

It’ll print your shots if you load a ZINK cartridge into its side and take a pic. Your shots will otherwise end up on a microSD card, if you slot one in the side.

The Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 has a 16-megapixel camera with an LED flash, so expect phone-grade results.

There’s no display on the back but you do get several photo modes to between, with and without the classic Polaroid border, B&W and sepia.

The Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 was actually spotted earlier this year at the CE Week show. However, this is the first we’ve seen it with its official UK release details. It’ll cost £9.99, and be available in Argos from October. It’s one for the Christmas present list, and comes in black, white, red, blue and yellow shades.

If you’re out for the instant print effect but would rather use, say, your Samsung Galaxy S9 to take the photos instead, you’ll want the Polaroid Mint printer.

This looks similar to the camera, but obviously lacks the lens and viewfinder. At £119 it’s slightly more expensive than the camera, caused by Bluetooth, which lets you send photos to the printer wirelessly. The Mint printer will also be available in October, at Argos.

Those new to Polaroids also need to school-up on ZINK photo paper. It costs around £45 for a pack of 110 sheets.

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