Making your own retro console has become something of a rite of passage in the hacking world, and after considering how he could make his own, Finn Andersen chose to use a generic gaming controller as a base. As he describes it, his build involved a diverse range of engineering skills, from powering the console, to mechanical CAD design, to microcontroller programming and working with Linux.

Andersen decided on a U model for its ample internal space (after ordering several to try out), and he designed a holder for the screen as well as a Raspberry Pi and several USB ports that fits on . Since the controller was meant to work with a Wii U only, he also had to squeeze in a Teensy to capture controller inputs and translate them into HID signals for the .

While normally self-contained, the system can also be connected to an external monitor via HDMI, and even be used for multi-player gaming with extra controllers as desired. The resulting device look spectacular, and if you have ever wondered whether or not you wanted to commit to this type of build — or want a few hints on how to actually accomplish it — be sure to check out Andersen’s write-up!

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