The Power is an incomparable coffee that’s easy to use with an elegant and simple design. It is designed to enough coffee for the entire household in less than 6 minutes. It’s nothing like your commercial or coffee roaster on the . With its simple yet elegant design, the Power Roaster can be used by anybody since it has no superfluous gauges or dials.

- Power Roaster 1 - Power Roaster: Roast your Coffee to Perfection

The Power Roaster is very affordable and will help you save cash in a few months’ since you no longer have to go out and buy expensive coffee. After several years of intensive work and research on the coffee machine’s prototype, the creators have finally reached a point of that can satisfy every user when it comes to longevity and functionality.

- Power Roaster 2 - Power Roaster: Roast your Coffee to Perfection

Featured in I Need Coffee, Brunch Bandits, Techable, and Keto Market, this coffee roaster is designed to guarantee an efficient and even roast without further complexities. To use the Power Roaster, you need to weigh the coffee and put it in the chamber, turn the machine on, and then turn it off when your desired roast level is reached.

In designing and making the Power Roaster, the creators have sustainable sources and aesthetics on their mind. Hence, this coffee roaster is created with metal, glass, and solid wood materials.

- Power Roaster 3 - Power Roaster: Roast your Coffee to Perfection

Furthermore, the Power Roaster can roast 0g of coffee in just 6 minutes with consistency, it’s machine reliable for roasting coffee, the chaff is managed for indoor roasting, smoke is also managed for the same purpose, and the roaster’s casing can withstand the heat. Additionally, it offers a warranty for coffee roasting and has safety certification, as well.

The Power Roaster is currently on its Kickstarter campaign. If you’re interested, you can reserve a unit with a pledge starting at $360 (Early Bird Discount) or $ 3,500 (includes Power Roaster Retail Start Up Kit).


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Power Roaster: Roast your Coffee to Perfection

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