Not following a strict documented process might just sound romantic and exciting, after all, are notoriously tedious and boring and have a way of getting under one’s skin and make you want to cut corners. But for agile teams, this is a no-can-do thingy, and even for businesses for them to reach their set goals. Not following documented processes can mean the very heartbreak of one’s company, and for dev teams, this way lies disaster.

An article I have come across talks about 11 simple processes that you can use in order to make your software more :

Here a summary of the article:

  • Daily standup meetings. This is done every single day in order to gauge how smoothly the development stage is going. This is also where managers check on every single developer involved in the project in order to make sure everybody’s on schedule.

  • Sprint Turnover. Done by the Process Street dev team every two weeks, the last of the sprint is submitted, checked, and documented in order to make sure no issues that can create any form of inconvenient bottlenecks were left unanswered or unsolved and added to the next sprint.

  • Sprint Retrospective. Is a discussion that is non-code related done by the dev team in order to answer the questions of what went well, what went wrong, or what could have been done or improved during the sprint cycle.

  • Sprint Estimation. Considering all the factors involved during a sprint cycle, every dev team member casts their estimation of how long a sprint will take in order to finish. In this part, issues must be carefully weighed in order to give the right estimations.

  • Pull request QA. Is a risky one, so it is consist of three other sub-processes in which to verify whether the open development contribution would fit the existing source code. For Process street dev team, this is done at a regular interval in order to make that this particular phase goes unhitched.

  • Weekly maintenance. This process is essential in order to make sure that existing loopholes in the business website are patched as soon as possible in order to prevent any kind of problems that have to do with and many others.

  • SSL renewal. Although done in every three, having it documented is still important. You do not really know where the other people are going or whether in three years time, they are still with the company. SSL renewal is an old and difficult process and only done once in three years, having a copy of this process is really helpful.

Do you have your own processes when running your dev team? Kindly share and discuss them with me. Thank you!

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