In this ’s article I discuss how to to deliver the right promises to your users.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

People like to share their with me. Lately, many of these have been about their experiences on recent United Airlines flights. I’ve become a bit of a magnet for United Airlines .

Most of these stories are about how the airline failed them in some way. In their minds, they weren’t asking for much.

They wanted their flight to go exactly as the airline had promised. Yet, for whatever reason, it had gone awry. And then, due to issues that seem to be endemic inside the airline, it got worse. The outcome was frustration and disappointment.

Yet sometimes the stories have a happy ending. Frequently these stories start with something that went wrong, but then a helpful employee takes the reins and goes above and beyond. The problem isn’t just resolved, the employee treats the passengers great, and everything ends well.

These stories are about promises. Promises broken and promises exceeded.

Read the article: Promise, Vision, Scenario, and User Stories

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