- Punkt MP01 in life - Punkt MP01 – the most attractive of dumb phones

Some people are not in love with the always connected nature of smartphones. That’s cool, if that describes, don’t worry, you can get your mobile phone without the constant connection with Punkt MP01, the simple cell phone.

I thought this was a calculator at first. Despite it’s looks, it’s a phone. One stripped of every single smart feature, it doesn’t even have a touch screen or any sort of connection. This thing is made to make calls and that’s pretty much it. Well and send texts, those two very basic features.

- Punkt MP01 alone - Punkt MP01 – the most attractive of dumb phones

For people who just want to keep it simple, this phone only supplies the most basic functions. Stay disconnected from the while still being able to be reached. The downside is that this phone works on GSM networks which are going bye bye. The company is working on that will work with 4G, check the website for details.

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