- Hybrid energy plant - Real Green Energy – plants power LED bulbs

The future of green might be greener than most people think. A team of researchers have discovered that green plants can actually generate enough to light up light bulbs opening the way for an intriguing future of very green energy. Super green if you will.

Upon further study, researchers also discovered that a hybrid tree, made of both and artificial leaves, can be set up as a generator that even converts wind power. A single leaf can power 100 LED bulbs as it creates more than 150 volts. The hybrid tree has the potential for even more power and the although at this stage, the plant is very , but the project can be scaled up.

It’s still in research stages but the plan is to use this to power robots. Making bio-robots for the biopunk future we all really want. But it would be nice if cities were powered with fields of green plants, what a future that would be.

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