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September 7th, 2017

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A living design system will save your business money and allow your team to work more productively and cohesively across business units.

To sustain your design system, teams need to be invested in its creation and maintenance, and to be communicating and sharing their work across the products and experiences that everyone is and supporting.

What strategies can you use to maintain those lines of communication across teams? Nathan Curtis recommends that regular meetings can be useful and productive, if they are structured well.

  • Schedule recurring meetings
  • Invite designers and leaders across the organization to share concepts
  • Prep speakers at those meetings on system-relevant challenges
  • Avoid tangents in the meeting that distract from the topic and purpose
  • Encourage designers to take what they’ve learned back to their teams

Make sure your meetings are relaxed, informal, and allow presenters to discuss their work and get substantive feedback from the group on how to maintain that consistent look and feel your system identifies and maintains.

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