opera max  - maxheader - Reduce your cellular data usage by up to 50% with Opera Max
The latest Ting Download helps you save on your cell phone bill without requiring any sort of effort.

Opera Max is a free app that automatically reduces your  data up to % by compressing data downloaded over the  network. It works with the majority of popular apps, Instagram, Google Chrome, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and Netflix. We’ve also tested Pokemon Go and noticed some savings – it’s minimal (18.8 MB used with 0.7 MB in savings), but it all adds up!

You can also manage your apps’ mobile data access (like restricting foreground or background data), monitor your data consumption within each app and much more.

is currently only available for smartphones. For a similar app on iOS, check out Onavo Extend.


You might also be interested in learning how to do more with your smartphone without paying more for data. And if you’re looking for even more ways to save money on your next bill, check out our complete guide on ways to lower mobile data usage.

Opera Max

Opera max  - button get it on google play2 - Reduce your cellular data usage by up to 50% with Opera Max

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