Reduce waste and stay charged with the by SirTeen. This eco-friendly actually regenerates itself. Reducing e-waste, the RenewCable solves the biggest problem with charging cables: their lifespan. After just months of use, they begin to fray and eventually stop working. Instead, the RenewCable renews itself. The unique locking connector allows you to detach the cable and remove the cord. From there, simply cut off the frayed and unwanted section. Reinsert the cord inside the mechanism and lock. The RenewCable works and functions just like new. As a result, you can use this cable for years and years. Plus, the connector has a built-in chip. When it’s not charging, the current automatically turns off. This helps extend the life of the RenewCable but it also protects the user. In addition to incredible innovation, the RenewCable is designed to perfection with a super soft and colorful cable.

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