• January 23,
  • By Staff

bounty platform HackerOne has released a new report which claims that researchers who participate in bug bounty programs make more than average in their home countries. How much more the bug hunters make depends on where they live. In India, the hackers make 1 times more than the average software engineer salary, while in the U.S., security researchers who participate in the programs make an average of 2.4 times more than the media salary. Worldwide, the bug hunters make an average of 2.7 times more than the amount of the average software engineer salary.

Most bug bounty payouts come from companies in the United States and flow to developers in the U.S., India, Australia, Russia and the U.K., in that order. More than 90 percent of bug hunters are under the age of 35, and 71.2 percent have been hacking for one to five years. In addition, 46.7 percent work in IT.

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