- download - Rival mobile phone company Huawei tries to spoil Apple’s big day with ‘Apple free juice bar’

Today ( 21st, 2018) marks the launch of ’s new XS and XS Max iPhones (as if you didn’t know). And of course there was the usual hurrah that greets these events with fan boys and fan girls queuing up outside ’s flagship London Store in Regent’s Street this morning to get their mitts on the new handsets.

However, it seems there was also an unwelcome guest trying to Apple’s party in the shape of a van from rival phone company Huawei.

Stocked with ‘apple free’ brain-boosting drinks to ‘recharge minds’, and plug sockets to recharge battery-depleted phones, the van served up juices with ‘no traces of apple’ as it roamed the capital. could ‘pay for JU%CE’ by posting on social media using the hashtag #HigherIntelligence.

The van also housed several charging points for mobile phones, helping recharge those who are stuck with handsets with weak battery life. Will Apple plan a revenge attack for Huawei’s own upcoming launch event on October 16th? I’m guessing probably not – they’re all a bit too cool for school for that sort of thing. 

Chris Price

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