- Rowrite in use - RoWrite – write on normal paper, edit in the app

Note taking and jotting down quick ideas is an important part of productivity. Keeping hold of pen and a pad of paper can be a struggle though. The RoWrite is another innovation in the field of digital paper and pens.

This pad allows you to draw or take notes digitally while still allowing you to use regular pen and paper. The pen and pad have sensors in them that capture the strokes of the pen and instantly show them in the on your device. Which is to say, draw a line on the pad, you can alter it in the right away while the pen line you made remains.

- RoWrite open - RoWrite – write on normal paper, edit in the app

A delightful marriage of traditional and digital media, it seems more so to favor those who are pursuing more artistic endeavors than general note taking but use it as you want. It’s your life. The app allows for multiple pen types so the digital file can end up quite different from what you put on the page. You can get your own for $9.99.

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