British money management Plum has launched an investment that lets users choose where their money goes.

From next month, the AI-powered Facebook Messenger bot will, for £1 a month, let people align their investments with their personal interests.

Users can pick one of three advanced funds: , emerging markets, and . Alternatively, they can choose one of three more traditional funds: conservative, balanced or .

Plum says that the advanced options chime with its millennial-heavy user base, who are interested in tech and, according to a recent survey, overwhelmingly want their investments to match their social and environmental values.

Victor Trokoudes, CEO, Plum, says: “When you consider the amount of money that sits in UK bank accounts losing value due to inflation, it’s clear to see that people need easier access to better returns.

“The with investing with Plum is that people will be able to use money they won’t miss – and instead of letting it sit their earning nothing they will now be able to make returns from the stock .”

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