If you’re like me, you build apps that depend on a lot of great PHP libraries that
are maintained by countless talented developers. That’s amazing! The PHP community
has come so far! And while I try my best to contribute back, it’s tough to show
appreciation for all these efforts.

Sometimes, I just want to send some ? and shout THANKS!

Say hello to Thanks: a Composer plugin to give
thanks to your PHP dependencies in the form of a GitHub ⭐:

Composer thanks  - symfony thanks - Say Thanks to the Libraries you Depend on

This will star every PHP package you depend on as well as Composer
and PHP. It was inspired by cargo-thanks.

Thanks is a tool for the entire PHP community: we hope everyone will use it to
thank whatever libraries they use. For the largest , Thanks already sends stars
to their main repository.

So if you love the libraries you depend on, share some thanks 🙂

Be trained by Symfony experts
2018-01-8 Paris
2018-01-8 Paris
2018-01-10 Paris

- jQwSZ4 n72c - Say Thanks to the Libraries you Depend on

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