I did some plotting of from Aug 20 to present March and there were some unbelievable results for predictions of the future prices of .

The “fair value” I got for this month is around $7765 usd. Therefore anything under this price is undervalued and you should buy as much as possible. For April, prices under $8593 are a steal. This doesn’t seem very high but keep in mind 2017 saw massive gains. But the ride is going to get crazier.

Since Bitcoin is very volatile, prices can go much higher than the “fair value” or lower but usually higher as people will often speculate on the future prices. On the Dec mania, it was 3 times more than the “fair value”. Anything 2 times more should be a selling signal already.

Anyway, I have calculated that we will reach 20k maybe not as soon as most would like, we will reach it on Dec 2018, exact price is $19,324. Again this is the “fair value” calculated but the speculated or actual price can be 2 or 3 times higher if there is a mania phase again. Meaning possible it could reach $60k by EOY 2018 even if we see the same mania as last year.

By then things start to get crazy. $1 does not seem so improbable, even $5 is not impossible. If it reaches $5 USD most people will predict the collapse of the US dollar with bitcoin becoming the world currency.

Timeline of the “fair value” of BTC according to my plotted graph: (EOY = End Of Year)

EOY 2018: $20k

EOY : $65k

EOY 2020: $220k

EOY 2021: $740k

EOY 2022: $2.5mil

EOY 2023: $8.5mil (Does it even matter by now?)

So the is bitcoin will reach $ 1 million by 2022. and $ 5 million by 2023. At this point in 2023 the USD probably no longer exists as do most other fiat currencies. Or in another scenario they still do but bitcoin holders become incredibly rich and it will create a situation where the rich gets much richer while poor who is still clinging to fiat gets much poorer enlarging the wealth gap between the parties.

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