, a school app and platform, recently announced the launch of a public ScoreStream Sports

The API offers to , including schedules and scores, for ,000 to 15,000 high school games every week while schools are in session. ScoreStream employs a number of techniques to validate this data and says it is syndicated to a number of media partners, including the Associated Press.

ScoreStream’s API also provides access to schedules and scores for international, pro, college, junior college and semi-pro sports. According to ScoreStream, “this data set provides a cost-effective alternative to more established data providers, particularly as relates to local professional and collegiate sports.”

Previously, the ScoreStream Local Sports API, which offers both REST and WebSocket interfaces, was only available to select partners. Now, third parties will be able to purchase access with pricing determined by the type and quantity of content needed, audience size and intended method of display.

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