On this week’s :  David starts the show by revealing he has a headache and an hour of discussing JavaScript will not make it better.  The show covers the history of JavaScript (from nothing to JavaScript loaders, minifiers, webpack, and more), the pitfalls of popular tools, and the future of .  Enjoy!

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Todd and I would like to host a Q/A session where we answer your questions! Please tweet us your question and we’ll answer them on the next show! Cheers!

  • Facebook Open Graph META Tags  - facebook developers logo - Script & Style Show: Episode 4: Tooling

    It’s no secret that Facebook has become a major traffic driver for all types of websites.  Nowadays even large corporations steer consumers toward their Facebook pages instead of the corporate websites directly.  And of course there are Facebook “Like” and “Recommend” widgets on every website.  One…

  • Create a CSS Cube  - css cube - Script & Style Show: Episode 4: Tooling

    CSS cubes really showcase what CSS has become over the years, evolving from simple color and dimension directives to a language capable of creating deep, creative visuals.  Add animation and you’ve got something really neat.  Unfortunately each CSS cube tutorial I’ve read is a bit…

  • Dynamically Load Stylesheets Using MooTools 1.2  - css3logo250 - Script & Style Show: Episode 4: Tooling

    Theming has become a big part of the Web 2.0 revolution. Luckily, so too has a higher regard for semantics and CSS standards. If you build your pages using good XHTML code, changing a CSS file can make your website look completely different.

  • Sexy Link Transformations with CSS  - cpojer links - Script & Style Show: Episode 4: Tooling

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