A switching title effect where a fixed text element changes with an depending on the scroll position.

ScrollingLettersAnimation_Featured  - ScrollingLettersAnimation Featured - Scrolling Letters Animation | Codrops

Recently we’ve stumbled upon a really nice effect on Akademi’s website: the main title of the page moves along as one scrolls down and changes depending on the section that is currently in the viewport. We thought this would be an awesome effect to recreate and play with different animations for the text as it changes. For detecting when a certain section is entered, we use the Intersection Observer API. Note that the API is currently not supported in Safari.

The animations are powered by anime anime.js. We also use imagesLoaded for preloading the images and Charming.js for the handling the letter structure of the titles.

The demo is kindly sponsored by The visual project management tool built for designers.
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Attention: Highly experimental demo with modern CSS properties in use. The Intersection Observer API is currently not supported in Safari.

For the demos, we’ve created a layout that starts with some intro text and another text element that will scroll along. Once that element reaches the next section, it will switch to a new title.

In the first demo shuffles the letters in a sequencial way and the second one shows some random characters.

ScrollingLettersAnimation_01  - ScrollingLettersAnimation 01 - Scrolling Letters Animation | Codrops

ScrollingLettersAnimation_02  - ScrollingLettersAnimation 02 - Scrolling Letters Animation | Codrops

ScrollingLettersAnimation_03  - ScrollingLettersAnimation 03 - Scrolling Letters Animation | Codrops

ScrollingLettersAnimation_04  - ScrollingLettersAnimation 04 - Scrolling Letters Animation | Codrops

We hope you enjoy the demos and find them inspirational.

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