Sea of Thieves is going to get a update later this month. The pack titled “ ” was first teased at the E3 gaming convention last month. It has now been confirmed when the update is going to be released for the title. Players will also be interested to know how much the DLC costs and there’s some good news for them on that front. The first DLC for this title was released back in May.

The DLC brings new skeleton ships for battle. It adds a new three-player ship called the Brigantine. These will be permanent additions to the game while there’s also something special for players in the form of a special three-week campaign.

Players will find themselves being attacked by a swarm of skeleton ships at sea and outposts in the campaign. There will also be a story-driven side quest in which players have to track down the source of the threat itself. Players will be able to access unique rewards throughout the campaign.

Developer Rare has confirmed that the Cursed Sails DLC for Sea of is going to be released on . It’s going to be available for free to all Sea of Thieves players, even those who are playing the game through the Xbox Game Pass.

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