Imagine the following scenario:

  • I send you 00 BTC.

  • After 6 confirmations, you give me what I bought.

  • I create another transaction with 900 BTC to my own wallet and 100 BTC as transaction , using the same input as the previous transaction. (double spend)

  • The mining pools find that 100 BTC is than 6 rewards which is .5 * 6 = 75 BTC, so they start to mine on the last block which doesn’t contain my first transaction.

  • Those 6 confirmations are orphaned and the pools earned more money.

  • My double spending succeeded.

I know that this mining strategy is not implemented in most pools today, but nothing is preventing pools from doing this in the future.

100 BTC is a large amount of money. But after many years the block will be very low, so this may not require so much money to perform in the future.

I googled and didn’t find any related questions.

I want to know whether this kind of attack is possible in practice and what we can do to prevent this.

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