Since SpectroCoin started supporting cryptocurrency in 2017, our clients were able to buy, sell or send and receive ’s native currency called Ether (ETH) using our platform. Now, we are happy to announce SpectroCoin has started supporting deposits made from . Thus, users can now send ETH to their SpectroCoin accounts from wallets and exchanges that support the smart contract transaction capability.

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Regular vs Contract addresses

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there are two types of Ethereum addresses:

  • Account address or regular address, which works in the same way as a Bitcoin address does. We will refer to it as a regular address.
  • Contract account or contract address. Basically, it is what distinguishes Ethereum and makes it “smarter” when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

A regular Ethereum address might look similar to a contract address – “just” a line of numbers; however, they act very differently. The regular address is mostly used as a bare store for Ether, much like your bank account. The contract address is created from an account address, which then becomes the “master” of this contract. Unlike a regular address, Ethereum smart contract address is controlled by a code which means that the behavior of contracts can be customized. Therefore, while a regular address is simply used for storing, a contract can be used to manage Ethereum. That enables the creation of incoming transactions to a contract address, multi-signature blockchain wallet set-up, as well as the creation of Ethereum ERC20 tokens.

While providing a higher level of customization for your Ethereum, contract addresses are also more complex and difficult to implement into an already-running system. That is the main reason why so many exchanges do not support Ethereum smart contract address. Using them also requires more Ether to run – while creating a regular address does not cost anything, it does cost ETH to create and use a contract address. That is because contracts utilize computational power and storage resources of the Ethereum network, which then reflects in the usage costs.

Contract transactions are not stored in the Ethereum blockchain, which means that complex and specific tools are required in order to support such transactions. This is a lengthy process since our developers must ensure all types of Ethereum smart contract transactions are supported. During the past months, SpectroCoin team has been focused on creating and implementing this necessary tools for our platform to be able to execute clients deposits from and to contract addresses. We already support Ether deposits made from contract addresses. Currently, we are working on being able to support  Ethereum cryptocurrency withdrawals to contract addresses as well.

How to send Ethereum cryptocurrency to a SpectroCoin blockchain wallet?

To deposit Ether first you need to find SpectroCoin Ethereum wallet address. To find it, press the ETH icon in the left-hand-side menu:

Find your ETH wallet in the accounts section  - Ether 6 300x148 - Send Ethereum from Smart Contract Addresses

You will be forwarded to a new window. You can find your Ethereum wallet address next to the QR code:

Your ETH address  - Ether 7 300x148 - Send Ethereum from Smart Contract Addresses

Then, input SpectroCoin Ethereum wallet address into the wallet you are sending your tokens from and confirm your transaction.  Use the same SpectroCoin wallet address for both: regular and contract transactions. And that’s it! 

Please note that ERC20 tokens are not yet supported at SpectroCoin. We only support deposits made with Ethereum, Bitcoin, XEM and DASH cryptocurrencies. Also, make sure to check our blog post to learn how to buy and sell Ether at

If you have any further questions regarding how to deposit Ether to SpectroCoin account, please contact our support via “Live Chat” option available at our website.

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