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Hello everyone, we have SEPM .1.6 MP4 deployed with an emebdded datbabase installed on the DC ( which is not a best practice) supported about 400 agents. We are planning to upgrade the SEPM to and to move it to a different dedicated server from the DC. In order to do that I have the below plan if my mind. I just wanted to have your expert opinion in my approach to make sure it is a seamless process.

1) Upgrade the SEPM 12.1.6 to SEPM 14 on the DC.

2) once upgrade is done, installed another SEPM on a different machine as a partner (Install the new SEPM with SQL database instead of embedded)

3) once replication has been completed sucuessfully. Create an MSL list to point the clients to the new SEPM.

4) once all the clients are moved to the new SEPM uninstall SEPM from the old DC.

5) Then install  a new SEPM  on a new server to an existing running with SQL database so that we have two SEPMs as and Secondary for Failover.

Does the above stretegy seems fine to you. The other thing I would like to confirm is we can configure replication between SEPM with embedded database and SEPM with SQL database, right?

Your comments are appreciated. Thanks 


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