I need a solution

My current running on W2K8R2 has encounted some catasrophic failures recently and I need to redeploy it. 

The original server is running .1.6 MP6, I have access to the database but I dont believe I have access to the install files for MP6 only MP9 

Two questions: 

if I can find the MP6 install files, can I import the old database? If I17;m reinstalling on the new server that has the same IP and DNS and I install the same MP[#] will everything sort itself out or will I need to update sylink files?

If I can not locate the MP6 install files and I end up installing MP9 from what I’ve read the database will not be able to be imported aside from not having my list of managed servers and policies what will be the outcome of this, if the server has the same DNS and IP informaiton will the already existing clients connect to the server or will I need to them update the sylink file?



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