Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games

A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build

Draknek Limited

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

In A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, you will help the monster create friends from snow. You will use your puzzle-solving skills in little areas of the town by rolling snowballs into the correct sizes and then assembling the snowmen.

Tricky puzzles  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
Campfire Cooking  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games

Campfire Cooking

Layton Hawkes

up the campfire, and get ready to think about roasting marshmallows.

Gather ’round the campfire and cook some tasty meals in this scrumptious puzzle game.

Layering The Puzzle Challenge  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
Strata  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games

Weave your way through the challenging canvas-colored puzzles.

Strata is a game that will definitely test your puzzle-solving skills. You must weave the colored ribbons correctly to match the patterns on the grid. There are hundreds of puzzles, the ability to undo your moves, and calming music as you play.

Complete puzzles  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
Road Not Taken  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games

Road Not Taken

Spry Fox, LLC

When you like life-like roguelike puzzle games, take the Road Not Taken

Road Not Taken is a beautiful new roguelike puzzler from Spry Fox that is about forging relationships, choosing your own path, and finding your way in life.

Challenging puzzles  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
Invert - Tile Flipping Puzzles  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games


Noodlecake Studios Inc

A flat Rubik’s Cube waiting to be flipped and flopped.

We got to preview the game at GDC in March, and now it’s available for everyone. Get ready for an all new puzzle challenge that will test you to flip and flop the tiles to make one uniform grid. It’s a bit like a flat Rubik’s cube as you try to figure out the right order to flip specific patterns of tiles, so that everything comes together as one.

Watch your numbers  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
Divide By Sheep  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games

Divide By Sheep

tinyBuild LLC

Counting sheep like never before.

A math based puzzle game all about getting the right number of sheep on the rafts. To do so, you will need to slice sheep in half with lasers, feed some sheep to wolves, drowned a few sheep, and other morbid activities to get the right numbers.

Different bombs  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
BOMBARIKA  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games


Street Lamp Games

Don’t let it blow up.

Oh no! There’s a bomb in the house! How do you get rid of it? Push it out with everyday, household objects, of course. This is a unique and challenging new puzzle game that’s sure to delight.

Tap and hold to rotate  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
loop : puzzler  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games

loop : puzzler

Base 12 Innovations

This puzzle game provides a mix of challenge and elegance.

In Loop:puzzler, just hold down on the anchor to rotate the orb and release when you reach your desired spot. This will also move Loop, so your goal is to guide the robot to the bright tesseract. The game offers 0 challenging puzzles, 1 achievements, and five Game Center leaderboards.

- 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
"PUSH"  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games

The maker of Klocki, Zenge, and Hook has a new minimalistic puzzle challenge for you.

Pushing buttons is harder than it looks in this challenging puzzle game. It’s a 3D object challenge as you need to figure out how to push all of the buttons in the given puzzle.

Pick your favorite theme  - 00001 - Sequence Puzzle Games
Glowish  - 256x256bb - Sequence Puzzle Games


The One Pixel, Lda

Glowish is a great addition to anyone’s puzzle collection if you like games that make you think.

Glowish is a relaxing and challenging puzzle game about finding the right sequence of events to light up the shapes.

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