Vonage is one of the most well-known VoIP providers around, and it’s easy to see why. With configuration and extra-helpful support, this business VoIP provider can help you and your business achieve more reliable calling capability.

What else makes Vonage Business Cloud a solid solution for businesses? After reviewing all the features and services Vonage provides, we are confident you can walk away from this review knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Keep reading my Vonage Business Cloud review to learn more about this popular business VoIP service.


Summary: Vonage Business Cloud is a reliable VoIP service that gives you 40+ standard features with the option to add on extra functions as needed. With no contract, easy setup, and good value, this is a VoIP service to watch.

What We Liked:

  • Simple and versatile pricing to fit a variety of budgets
  • Easy initial configuration
  • Great support

What We Didn’t:

  • No calling over Wi-Fi
  • Some features cost more that are included as standard with other VoIP services

Setup Process

Sometimes, getting up on a new business service can be overcomplicated and not worth the time. Vonage takes a different approach. The company focuses on providing out-of-the- configuration, which is about as simple as it gets.

Vonage Simple Setup Adapter  - Vonage Adapter 750x479 - Simple to Set Up and Easy to Use

Plug and play configuration makes setup easier than ever.

Once you receive the Vonage receiver and IP-to-phone adapter, simply plug the phone’s cord in to the port labeled with a phone icon and the Ethernet cord to the port labeled with a globe icon and you’re good to go.

If you have troubles with setup, Vonage offers a free online troubleshooter that can walk you through some common setup problems and provide solutions for them.

Call Quality

Once you’re all set up with Vonage’s VoIP service, you need to choose between a local or toll-free number. If you have a current phone number that you like, you can port it over to Vonage’s VoIP service for your use.

Once you’ve chosen a phone number and completed the setup process, you can start making calls immediately. Test calls with Vonage’s services indicate that call quality is clear, even on budget handsets.

Unfortunately, Vonage’s box only allows you to use one of the two available phone jacks, unless you pay for another full subscription. You also can’t make any calling over Wi-Fi, as some of the other virtual PBX services offer.

Plan Availability and Pricing

Vonage Business Cloud Plans  - Vonage Plans and Pricing 750x444 - Simple to Set Up and Easy to Use

Vonage Business Cloud offers three simple plans.

As a cloud VoIP provider, Vonage offers a wide variety of different plans that fit a variety of different needs. Vonage Business Cloud offers three different plans with different pricing tiers. Each of these plans provides 40 standard features, unlimited calling and text messaging. You’re not locked into any contract with any of the plans, meaning you can cancel at any time without penalty.

These plans are priced competitively as following:

  • In the Mobile plan, you pay $19.99 per month per user, for one to four users. For 5-19 users, you pay $17.99 per month per user. For 20-99 users, you pay $14.99 per month per user. The Mobile plan only includes the standard 40 features.
  • In the Premium plan, you pay $29.99 per month per user, for one to four users. For 5-19 users, you pay $27.99 per month per user. For 20-99 users, you pay $24.99 per month per user. The Premium plan includes the standard 40 features, along with a multilevel auto attendant, integration with CRM software and more collaboration tools for up to 0 users.
  • In the Advanced plan, you pay $39.99 per month per user, for one to four users. For 5-19 users, you pay $37.99 per month per user. For 20-99 users, you pay $34.99 per month per user. The Advanced plan gives you all the features from the Premium plan, along with on-demand call recording, dedicated support and visual voicemail.

If you have more than 100 users, consider purchasing the Vonage Enterprise VoIP plan. Vonage provides a 14-day free trial if you want to try out the service before purchasing.

Outstanding Features

Vonage Standard Features  - Vonage Features 750x422 - Simple to Set Up and Easy to Use

With 40 standard features, Vonage offers a high level of functionality.

Vonage Business Cloud offers a variety of other services and features that may be helpful for you and your business. One of these features includes Vonage’s unique Work From Anywhere. With Work From Anywhere, you can literally unplug your desk phone, take it with you, plug it into any high-speed internet and use it as normal.

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With this virtual PBX, you also get mobile apps, selective call block and more to create a comprehensive solution. Unfortunately, Vonage does charge extra for some extra features that other providers include, like Salesforce integration. 

Customer Support

Vonage Customer Support  - Vonage Support 750x529 - Simple to Set Up and Easy to Use

Vonage’s customer is quick, helpful and reliable.

Vonage also offers -notch customer support for all their . Upon further testing, Vonage’s customer support was responsive, quick and helpful.

You can get support for your VoIP service through a variety of different methods, including live chat, phone support and email support. Their website also includes tons of helpful guides, webinars and videos.

After reviewing and testing this Vonage’s Business Cloud VoIP service, we’ve given it a great score. Vonage charges extra for some features that other services include standard and can limit you on some functionality.

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Overall, Vonage offers a comprehensive PBX solution that is easy to set up and easy to use. If you’re looking for a VoIP provider with competitive pricing and simple configuration, consider purchasing Vonage Business Cloud.

Top Questions about Vonage Business Cloud Answered

In some instances, you can use your existing VoIP hardware with Vonage Business Cloud. However, if you choose to use your own devices, a Vonage technician will need to reconfigure them to work with Vonage’s system.

This can add extra time to your initial configuration process, and it’s not guaranteed that your phones will even work with Vonage’s services.

Yes, Vonage encrypts all calls made on their network to keep your sensitive information away from prying ears.

If you want to keep your same phone numbers from your old VoIP provider, Vonage Business Cloud allows you to port them to your new service. Before this process can be completed, you’ll need to send a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to your old VoIP provider to legally request they release the numbers.

Paperless VoIP Fax  - Vonage Paperless Fax 750x330 - Simple to Set Up and Easy to Use

Yes, Vonage provides paperless fax functionality, but it costs an extra $14.99 per month.

Performance (Call Quality, Software, Etc)

Design (UX)


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