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We have all been taught to brush our teeth correctly since we were young in order to obtain the best oral health condition possible. For many years, the way we brush our teeth has more or less remained the same, apart from the kind of toothpaste that we use, as well as slight advances in the way bristles in the toothbrush is designed. However, the advent of the Internet of Things () has helped change the landscape of everyday devices, including the humble . Enter Dentii, the world’s first truly hygienic that is capable of collecting data in order to provide feedback for better technique while helping to connect users to their dentists.

Dentii is more than just a smart toothbrush, in fact, it has been deemed to be a new integrated dental healthcare range that will bring together an immaculately designed, sleek electronic toothbrush, alongside single use, interchangeable brush heads. The whole idea would be launched on , where right at the core of the Dentii range would be a smartphone that will hook up to the electric toothbrush as it maps the geometry of a patient’s mouth, taking into consideration the brushing paths and pressure. With the itself, the data will be sent to the user’s dental professional for analysis, and should it be necessary, they will then inform the patient on how one is able to improve one’s dental routine afterwards.

In addition, Dentii is being developed to be the first toothbrush in the world that is able to prompt an individual to go to the dentist right from early detection of problems. Using patented technology, there is also the intention to develop this into the world’s first oral cancer screening tool, but that would certainly take some before it becomes possible. The Dentii electric toothbrushes will be made using Anodized Aluminium, with a choice of Silver, Gold or Rose Gold versions for maximum sophistication. Pricing for the Dentii is tipped to begin from £59 onwards.

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