What would life look like without our morning ? I shudder to think what that kind of a world would look like. Most of us would probably stay in bed. Lucky for us, no one is going to be taking our away anytime soon.

The Smartest Coffee You Can Buy

In fact, coffee makers like the Smarter Coffee Second Generation Coffee Maker are making it easier than ever to enjoy a fresh cup of joe anytime you want, with some very nice home automation features built right in. Imagine getting out of bed and going downstairs to find a freshly brewed cup that you didn’t have to lift a finger to make? Now that’s the future we’ve been waiting for. It is here.

Coffee’s Second coffee machine has a built-in grinder and is compatible with many popular home like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and If This Then That (IFTTT). I have no doubt that you will find it to be the smartest coffee maker you’ve ever had.

The minimal design will please wives everywhere as it shouldn’t clash with your home decor, only compliment it. This machine sports replaceable panels so that you can change the color too.

Why wait on your coffee when it can wait on you? Get coffee when you want it with no hassles. You have full of the machine remotely via the Smarter which is compatible with iOS and Android. Use the Smarter to start your day with a fresh batch of coffee by setting alarms with Wake Up mode. If you want to sleep late, no problem, since the hotplate keeps your brew warmer for up to 40 minutes.

You won’t find many coffee makers that do this, but hey, if you still prefer your old pour over coffee maker, we understand.

Smarter Coffee Second Generation Coffee Maker  - Smarter Coffee Second Generation Coffee Maker1 - Smarter Coffee Second Generation Coffee Maker

Smarter Coffee just makes sense.

Coffee When you Want It

Do you want your coffee the instant you get home from work? Again, no problem. Smarter Coffee knows when you enter the front door and will start brewing a pot with Home mode.

Many coffee aficionados like to grind their coffee before brewing and these folks won’t be disappointed thanks to the hopper on top of the machine. It sure is nice to see a coffee maker that adjusts to our lifestyles so well.

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