- xperia agent - Sony’s charming little Xperia Agent robot will manage your home

Just like LG’s Hub , the Xperia can control your ’s other smart devices. During the demo, it switched on the TV, brought up photos on its screen-belly and then cast them onto the TV, and also played some music on the speaker which it also bopped to.

Having these sorts of skills shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise – Amazon’s Echo has already nailed it, after all. What’s surprising here are all the little nuances in its movements: a celebratory nod upon accomplishment of a task or the panicked whirling while it hunts the room for a race it recognises.

Unlike the Alexa-powered Hub Robot, though, the Agent will use Sony’s own voice recognition . Unfortunately, we have no way of testing it out, since it’s still a concept with no word on availability anytime soon.

Before it becomes reality, though, we reckon it’s time for a name change. It should be a crime to label something this cute with such a menacing moniker…or is there more here than meets the eye?

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