- sonyprojector2 web - Sony’s got a portable projector that’ll turn your table into a tablet

Ouch – it had better be the stuff of my sci-fi dreams for that kind of cash.

Well, if you ever wanted to transform your kitchen table into a giant , you’re sorted. The Xperia Touch is basically a tiny, battery-powered Android , which beams a touch-sensing “display” onto any flat surface.

Were not quite at Minority Report levels of futuristic gadgetry yet, but we’re getting there. The projector can see where you’re tapping, and transform that into inputs. It’ll recognise pinch gestures too, so it essentially works just like a regular tablet.

it round and it’ll project onto a wall instead, so you can watch any on- or catch-up available from the Google Play Store on a giant screen. It won’t double as a touch-screen in this mode, though, so Sony’s working on a smartphone companion to keep you .

It’s got built-in speakers, and is packing batteries, too – so you won’t even need to plug it in. Which pretty much makes this ideal for some impromptu guerrilla cinema.

Has it got enough juice to get me through a Netflix marathon?

Afraid not – it’ll probably only manage around an hour of video playback away from the mains. That’s still enough for a full episode of House of Cards, but you’ll want to plug it in if you’re planning to binge on an entire season in one sitting.

Got any more sweet, sweet specs to throw my way?

If it’s details you’re craving, Sony’s going to be leaving you hungry. Everything was very much under wraps when we got to see one in person, with no word on the hardware inside or even the resolution of the projector.

We’re not expecting anything better than 720p, which is a bit lame when you see how much it costs. Still, there’s no denying it’s a diddy little piece of .

Tread a few popcorn kernels into the carpet, pop one of these on and it’ll feel just like you’re at the local multiplex.

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