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If there’s one thing technology aficionados can agree on, it’s that nothing beats a wireless charger. “No one likes wires!” they say. Wired chargers can get tangled up and it can hang everywhere. It can even be a eyesore for most technology enthusiasts. The quest of removing charger wires pushes various companies to build or create wireless charging devices. While some companies are hanging on the fringes of the mainstream, XVIDA is quite possibly the tangle-free solution you never knew about.

A Chance to Know XVIDA

XVIDA, primarily based in Los Angeles, is driven by young and aspiring individuals who strive to provide this technology-driven world with constant innovation. The company wanted to provide the world with the high-quality manufacturing, great craftsmanship, and exceptional design coupled with excellent customer experience. It was started to give you more possibilities when it comes to your mobile devices and its accessories.

Since XVIDA is driven to provide its customers with excellent service, the company provides various options to choose from. You can opt for a wireless charging desk stand, wireless charging mountable pad, wireless charging suction mount, wireless charging vent mount, and wireless charging CD slot mount. For more information on these wireless charging devices, you can visit XVIDA’s collection. Also, you can directly order here. Just USE THE CODE ‘INSTASH20’ TO GET AN EXTRA 20% OFF on the products.

Wireless Charging Desk Stand: Our Best Seller

Among the above-stated wireless charging devices, the Wireless Charging Desk Stand is the company’s best-selling product. It is made of anodized aluminum that in tandem with the aesthetics of Apple devices.

This premium charging device has powerful magnetic locking, fast charging mechanism, and specifically designed by its makers to impress every technology aficionado.

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The Wireless Charging Desk Stand has a dual-mode option. You can either use a 7.5W or 10 W fast charging systems that can steadily compete in the global . Whether you have a busy day but desperately have to charge your phone, this ultimate charging device will always give a 10-15% fast charging speed.

As for its powerful magnetic locking, mounting your phone on the Wireless Charging Desk Stand while it charges will always be a piece of cake. Once you place your XVIDA Magnetic Case on the desk stand, the magnets will automatically secure your device and start the charging process. The magnetic case, unlike the others, is neither clunky nor bulky. The best thing about this case is that does not occupy your Lightning port.

- XVIDA 2 - Spectacular Deals with XVIDA’s Wireless Charging Docks

The Wireless Charging Desk Stand is designed with an optimum viewing angle for Facetime and more. With its “Designed to Impress” feature, you will be guaranteed that no important notifications remain unseen.

The fast QI charging is made functional through its specifically designed proprietary electronics that can guarantee fast transfer of power from your desk stand charger to your smartphone. This Wireless Charging Desk Stand is made for XVIDA’s charging cases which are compatible with phones such as iPhone X/8/8+, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+. Universal solution for all Qi-enabled smartphones will be released within a few weeks.

Wireless Charging Mountable Pad

Another best-selling XVIDA QI compatible charging device is the Mountable Charging Pad – the only mountable charging pad available on the market. It permits you to place your phone on the charging dock and on the wall.

With XVIDA’s Wireless Charging Mountable Pad, you can mount and charge your smartphone wirelessly with just one move. It makes it simple to mount your smartphone and guarantees that you’ll never run out of power ever again. This excellent charging pad can be placed magnetically on your walls and other flat surfaces through the metal adhesive pad which is included in the package. It allows you to see your phone whenever you’re going back and forth doing your own business. Hence, this accessible and wireless charger is perfect when you always roam around your room.

- XVIDA 3 - Spectacular Deals with XVIDA’s Wireless Charging Docks

The magnetic interface guarantees your smartphone, furnished with desired XVIDA Accessory, to automatically attach on the mountable charging pad and lock it in place. The expedient wireless charging will start automatically as it attaches.

The Wireless Charging Mountable Pad allows you to mount and charge your smartphone just as fast as the traditional charger. Thanks to XVIDA’s proprietary electronics, there will be a maximum transfer of power from your charging pad to your smartphone. It is great for keeping your smartphone charged and never having to worry about those crazy wires, worn-out charging ports and tattered cables.

XVIDA QI Compatible Car Charging Docks

XVIDA offers 3 types of wireless car chargers: Wireless Charging Suction Mount,  Wireless Charging Vent Mount, and the Wireless Charging CD Slot Mount. Designed for easy installation on any surface, be it your dashboard, windshield, car’s vent or CD-slot, you will have no problems finding the best fit for your car. 2nd generation POWER 2 charging system (7.5/10W), and the new AirFlow ventilation system combined with state-of-the-art power components ensures your phone will stay as cool even in peak use, allowing you to use multiple apps simultaneously while charging at the same .

- XVIDA 4 - Spectacular Deals with XVIDA’s Wireless Charging Docks

The precision magnetic locking ensures your phone always snaps into the optimal charging position with zero effort and holds your smartphone like a champ. The young and independent creators of XVIDA guarantee that the car mounts can keep your smartphone charging even when you’re driving off-road. The holes and bumps will never interrupt the charging process of your smartphone.

The XVIDA Wireless Charging Car Docks also include a fully functional, high-current USB cable and dual port USB car charger for fast charging.

Same with the Wireless Charging Desk Stand, these charging docks are made for XVIDA’s charging cases which are compatible with phones such iPhone X/8/8+, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+. As mentioned before, a universal solution for all Qi-enabled smartphones will be available within a few weeks.

Our Stand 

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient, and reliable wireless charging device that suits your taste or preference, XVIDA wireless charging docks can provide it. As compared to other leading brands on QI compatible chargers, XVIDA can outperform each and every one of them.

With its QI compatible wireless charging, magnetic locking, optimal angles, and 2nd generation POWER 2 charging system, the XVIDA wireless charging docks will allow you to mount your phone, charge it, and love it!

For more details and information about the wireless charging docks and other XVIDA accessories, please check out this page.



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