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Before the release of Super Odyssey, Nintendo teased the release with a promotional image of a Mario. The internet went crazy, and even months later, people can’t get the Italian plumber’s bare chest out of their minds (who can blame them?).

The obsession has gone so far that have even begun competing to see who can get the Nintendo mascot to reveal his headlights the . Specifically, who can play through the game and unlock the ‘Boxer Shorts’ outfit for 1,000 coins.

The run, being called the Nipple%, seems to have many runners contending for the record. For now, the record seems to belong to Stravos96, who managed to unveil the plumber’s glory in 9 minutes and 7 seconds, the first under minutes.

I knew I’d have to end up getting a Switch eventually, but I didn’t know what I was missing out on.

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