(Serial Peripheral Interface bus) is great for building projects, because it makes it easy to connect displays, sensors, and other components to your microcontroller. You can attach multiple components with just four wires, and many microcontrollers have fantastic libraries to support the protocol. But, what if you want to take advantage of from your computer instead of a microcontroller? That’s what SPIDriver is for.

is an that plugs into your computer’s USB port and you work with any device that supports SPI. It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and does so with a standard FTDI USB chip, so no special drivers are needed. In addition to simply SPI , you can also monitor the SPI bus in real on the built-in LCD display.

You can, of course, use an Arduino or other microcontroller as an intermediary between your computer and an SPI component. But, SPIDriver offers a number of advantages: easy setup, fast USB communication, and the on-board display. Most importantly, it includes software to handle that communication through either a GUI, a CLI, C and C++ source files, or Python (with a module). Put that all together, and SPIDriver appears to be the easiest way to use SPI components with your computer.

SPIDriver is on Crowd Supply until July 13th, and costs $27 for the SPIDriver Core (no LCD), or $57 for the complete SPIDriver Expert. Orders should ship in August.

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