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We a lot of expenses. If you live with people, you probably split bills. If you go out with friends then you’ve likely shared a meal or two. Sometimes your friend spots you, sometimes you spot them. Make sure you’re keeping all your checks and balances together with Splitwise, the that helps you pay everyone back.

This app is a fancy calculator that helps you keep track of your shared expenses and debts. Sure some people are great at this and basically carry a spreadsheet in their head that is never wrong, where every last dime is accounted for but many of us have busy lives and things fall through the cracks.

Use this app to easily keep on of things, track your expenses and mark off when you’ve settled your debts. Although not for everyone, particularly if you live alone and never borrow money, this app can really help people who live in shared spaces or who have a complex system of “who’s picking up the tab” with friends. You can download the app for free in the Play store, there are in app purchases

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